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Created By Riccardo Roiati

Certified Bodybuilding Specialist and Fitness Coach

The Gladiator workout program is finally here!

Hey there I am Riccardo Roiati and I am beyond excited to present to you the Gladiator Workout Program at a discounted price for Embry-Riddle Students!

You probably just got back to school after thanksgiving break and you must have had so much food that you may be feeling guilty right now… Well it’s time to put all that turkey you ate to good use!

Not too long ago, people thought that in order to change the way you look you would have to completely change your lifestyle and after a few years of training and consistent dieting you would have been able to see great results in your physique. As science advanced, so did the fitness and supplement industry. You now see countless dietary supplements on the shelves of every store and pharmacy you go to. Why is that?

Well… the sad truth is that the supplements industry wants you to believe that the scientific advancements made in the fitness world can be used to make top notch, super effective supplements to make your muscles grow and your fat burn away. While you are stuck thinking about which supplement is using the most advanced technology, you are missing out on the GREAT advancements and discoveries science has made in the training field. We today have the best science based training techniques in history.

This is why I decided to create the Gladiator Workout Program. I want to give you all the most effective training techniques condensed in a 5 weeks training program that will bring massive results.

This is the same workout program that I have given to dozens of my one on one clients. But of course… not at the same price as today!


Regardless of your training experience, this program will make you gain a serious amount of muscle mass. The Gladiator Workout Program is an overall great muscle building program because it ensures optimal training of every muscle group in your body. In addition to that, it puts greater emphasis on your biceps and triceps muscles. Who wouldn’t love to have big and muscular arms?

Your arms will be trained once a week in Week One, twice a week in Week Two and three times per week in Weeks Three through Five. During this increasing training frequency, you will use the best performing training techniques science has proved to work and increase muscle size:

Negative Reps

A negative rep consists of lowering the weight slowly for 3-5 seconds. Negative reps place more stress on the muscle fibers to cause more muscle damage. When you damage muscle fibers, they're replaced with new ones called satellite cells that grow bigger and stronger than the older fibers. A study in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed that subjects using negative rep training led to high GH levels.

Drop Sets

This is a technique that allows you to take a set past muscle failure. Once you reach muscle failure, immediately reduce the weight by 20-30% and continue the set until reaching muscle failure again. This not only puts more stress on the muscle fibers, but also helps to boost growth hormone levels higher.

Rest Pause

This is another technique that allows you to take a set past muscle failure. To use rest-pause after reaching muscle failure, rest 15 seconds and then continue the set. This not only puts more stress on the muscle fibers, but also helps to boost growth hormone levels higher.


Super-setting is the pairing of two exercises back-to-back with no rest between exercises. This really blasts the muscle fibers and pushes growth hormone levels higher. 

All these training techniques I just described cannot be done randomly and therefore must follow a strict regimen, or else you won’t get the most out of the program and you will even risk injury. This is why the core of the program runs on 2 very important principles:

1) Overreaching

This technique pushes the muscle fibers to their limit, causing them to momentarily get weaker and smaller. But once the training slows down, the muscle fibers rebound by growing bigger and stronger. This is why the training ends at week 5. After that I suggest you take it very easy and train arms again after 5 or 7 days.

2) Undulating Periodization

This is the constant switching up of weight and rep ranges every workout. Research studies from the University of Connecticut have supported this form of periodization for making continued gains.


But what is so special about training arms 3 times a week for 3 weeks?

If you are worried about overtraining, I can tell you that this program uses real science to make sure that you will never reach overtraining. Instead you will get close to it (overreaching) and then back off, to really get the greatest benefits. Several studies from the University of Connecticut have shown that when subjects overreach for several weeks, during the two weeks following, they grow significantly bigger and stronger while taking it easy. The key is to stop the overreaching just before it turns into overtraining.

During the last three weeks of the program, you will be taking advantage of the staircase muscle building effect. When you are training a specific muscle, genes in that muscle get activated. These genes are responsible for the muscle fibers growth in size and strength. For example you train biceps on Monday and the gene activity in your biceps muscle boosts to 100% and then slowly decreases to 75% the next day (Tuesday), 50% the second day (Wednesday), and so on until on the fourth day the genes activity goes back to normal. If instead of letting 4 days go by before training biceps again, you train biceps on Monday and then again on Wednesday, the gene activity on the second workout will go up to 150% which will lead to even grater muscle growth.

Science also proves (Nosaka and Newton) that training a muscle that is still sore from a previous workout doesn’t impede recovery, but it even helps the muscle grow.

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What Do I Get In the Program?

Workout routines

4 routines each week with 3 days of rest. Your routine will directly correlate to your goals and will only include equipment you have available to you. Each routine is detailed and easy to follow but will be unique and unlike any other routine you have ever tried. Exercises, sets, reps, rest time, cardio, and abs are all included in your weekly routine. A completely new routine is provided every week to ensure your body doesn't become acclimated to your workout. Every exercise comes with a detailed explanation of the muscles being trained and a full step by step description on how to best perform it (this includes pictures and videos). Gym membership required.

Nutrition Guidelines

This program is focused on making you gain a tremendous amount of muscle mass and therefore you must be eating the right foods in the right amounts. I usually do not recommend following a specific and strict diet that tells you what to eat every day. I instead believe that knowing the foods that you need to be eating and when to eat them to gain muscle mass is a much better approach to eating healthy. I will provide you a nutrition guideline that lists the best foods for muscle building and the best times to eat them. I will give you the strategy I personally use to make sure that I am eating the right amounts of food without ever using a scale! I will provide you with calculators to calculate approximately the macronutrient amounts and calories that you need to succeed in this program. All macronutrients and calories are calculated for the perfect formula to achieve your goals.

Detailed Cardio Routine

You will receive a detailed cardio routine that tells you exactly what to do to burn fat and maintain muscle mass. It will be specifically set up for the program to make sure that you are not too tired when you have to start the cardio training at the end of the weightlifting workout.

Detailed ab routine

Each workout routine includes a detailed ab workout that will target your core in specific movements that have been proven to work and be the best.

Supplement Recommendations

This is a complete list of supplements that I have PERSONALLY tried and recommend. From proteins to pre-workouts, I list the supplements that have been essential in getting me where I am today!


As soon as you join the Gladiator Program, your name will be added to a shuffle from where on December first two winners will be drawn. If your name is drawn then you will win 2 one-on-one training sessions with me personally at the Eagle Fitness Center, followed by a complimentary 30 minutes strategy session to discuss your health and fitness, especially what to do after the 5 weeks of the Gladiator Program. During the two training sessions I will help you set up a training program tailored to your needs and goals, so that you can make 2019 a year of CHANGE and EVOLUTION.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to get the body of your dreams!

Hurry, offer ends on November 30th at 11:59 pm

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Abhimanyu Harish

Blown Away with the progress I made in just 5 weeks by following the Gladiator Program! It’s crazy how using the right training techniques can make you gain muscle and burn fat so fast! I’m very proud of how my body looks right now.

Soumedh Trivedy

I owe you a lot Riccardo! This experience was amazing! I finally have the confidence to take my shirt off at the beach/pool. Losing weight is never easy but this program makes it so easy for you that you cannot fail. I am not done yet but the amount of progress you have helped me make is insane. Thank you man!!

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