The shredder is something you have NEVER tried before! It is a very intense workout program which uses advanced techniques such as super-sets, drop sets, HIIT and Tabata Intervals! 

Whether you have a lot of weight to lose or you are an experienced lifter who wants to achieve a greater muscle definition, this program will do just that! Weightlifting has many health benefits and will have a good impact on your life, but who doesn't like to take his shirt off and look JACKED and SHREDDED?

Follow this workout program and you will never want to put your shirt back on! 

How it works

The SHREDDER workout program is a combination of weigh-training and cardio routines along with proven guidelines for an effective diet. By entering your ERAU e-mail you will receive the first 2 weeks of the SHREDDED body transformation program directly in your e-mail for FREE! This includes pictures, videos, descriptions and tips on how to perform the given exercises! You will also receive nutrition guidelines to completely transform your body!